Do you want to learn to build balance into the DNA of your life?

Our Balance online course enables parents everywhere to learn about the building blocks to a balanced career and home life. You deserve the career you've worked hard for and the family you've dreamed of.


Key Benefits of BALANCE

Effective Communication

This program allows you to learn to assertively communicate your needs

Adjusted Perspective

You'll be able to shift your mindset to see the good that you are doing

Empowered Motherhood

You'll feel equipped to tackle life's curveballs with ease and be an example for your children

"I am glad that I had the opportunity to take the BALANCE program and have a purposeful time to navigate the changes at home and at work. I highly recommend it!"

Jennifer DeLoge
Geologist, Shell

Take our BALANCE course at your own pace

You'll work your way through seven topics about how to balance motherhood and your career.


You'll have the complete seven-part course to create a life full of balance.

B: Back to work shock and learning how to be mindful

A: Asking for assistance and communicating needs

L: Lowering expectations to reality

A: Adjust your perception & focus your mindset 

N: No to guilt and negative drains

C: Consciously choosing connections

E: Empowering through setting an example

If you're frustrated, tired, and feeling like returning to work will be impossible, fear not. BALANCE was created to solve a big problem -- to eliminate the shock and hardship of returning to work after having a baby.

  • 7 topics where we break down each letter of B-A-L-A-N-C-E, so that you learn new techniques to maintain balance in your life. 
  • A brand new community of like minded mothers.
  • Interactive worksheets to apply the new concepts you've learned. 
  • Videos pertaining to each topic so you can go back and reference this if you're feeling stressed. 


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