The Career-Driven New Mom Playbook

Are you on the verge of ending maternity leave and returning to work after having a baby? Do you need help "figuring it out" and balancing your lifestyle?


What You Will Receive

You'll gain newfound confidence as a mom and a hard working person.

Create Your Own Plan

With our "Your First Ten Days Back" guide, we'll help you map out how your first several days back at work will go, hour by hour. 

Workbooks & a Workshop

You'll work your way through the various topics of this course, such as managing your emotions during the back to work shock. You'll have a workbook so that you can make the concepts work for your own personal life. 

A Fierce Leader

You'll have an expert to guide you through this course. Read more about Diapers to Desk here

Organizational Tools

Are you concerned with when you'll have time to pump during the work day? When you'll actually eat? We help keep you organized with this guide. 

Techniques that stick

This won't be your average "learn-something-and-then-put-it-away" course. You'll reference this material often and journal frequently about your stress level, priorities, and what matters to you. 

Join the Mom Tribe

There are other moms out there trying to figure this whole "motherhood + career" thing out too. You'll join them in this course for an hour long workshop to obtain more balance. 

About the Course

  • Offered for a one-time payment of $99
  • A recorded video to teach you new concepts 
  • You won't need much besides a computer or phone
  • This course is built for new moms who are nearing their return to work

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